A taurus horoscope

When problems arise you can count on Taurus to give you a healthy dose of common sense. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Leave a Reply:.

Despite their occasional obstinance, however, Taureans are dependable partners, soothing their friends and lovers through their trustworthiness and devotion. Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with:. Taurus April 20 - May 20 Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull.

Taurus Sex - Zodiac Sign Astrology

By Leah Prinzivalli. By Kaleigh Fasanella. By Aliza Kelly Faragher. Read More. Last name.

Taurus – The sign of Earth

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What's in store for Taurus? Astrology rating:.

More Horoscopes for Taurus

Love is on the horizon. Don't let other people get in your head.

Challenges are in store. Expect some surprises. Embrace the passion.

You'll learn important lessons. Things will be tough in July.

Your Taurus Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

Time to rest. Success is in sight. The pressure is mounting.